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Is ‘PUBG’ crossplay and cross-platform?

Here's whether you can play with friends on other platforms

‘PUBG’’s latest update wants to make it harder to fight from vehicles

The update also introduces a new ranked season, world and map updates, and quality-of-life improvements

‘PUBG: Battlegrounds’ introduces 1v1 training area, teleporting and giant ducks

Launching May 11 for PC and May 19 for consoles

Taliban bans ‘PUBG: Battlegrounds’ and TikTok in Afghanistan

Both the game and app are said to be "misleading the younger generation"

‘PUBG’ creator’s next game will feature “planet sized” worlds

Barely a week after ‘PUBG: Battlegrounds’ went free to play, the original creator of the phenomenon that many will feel was the originator the Battle Royale genre that has taken the gaming industry by storm, Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene has revealed a little more about what his new open-world game will be, referring to what he says are goals of creating “planet sized worlds”.

‘PUBG’ is now free to play, but that has nothing to do with ‘Fortnite’

Originally launching in early access on PC only back in 2017, ‘PUBG’, or originally ‘PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Battlegrounds’ is one of the biggest success stories in modern gaming history. Starting out life as a mod for ARMA 2, it became a pioneer for a brand new genre which is now one of the most successful when it comes to free to play gaming.

‘PUBG’ update 15.2 makes the battle royale free-to-play from today

Five years after launching, the battle royale giant has made the jump to free-to-play

‘PUBG’ going free-to-play in “no way a response” to other games

The game has gone free-to-play today

PLAYERUNKNOWN forms his own new independent studio

The man behind the battle royale phenomenon that many will argue kickstarted the genre is leaving the team at ‘PUBG’ and starting his own studio called ‘PLAYERUNKNOWN PRODUCTIONS’, and yes, that is all in caps, just in case you were wondering.

‘PUBG’ Taego map gets overhaul in latest PC patch

The plane's exploding, we've got Taego