‘Terraria’ announces its sixth “final” update

"We super mean it this time guys"

‘Terraria”s Labor Of Love patch brings upside-down worlds and new items

Labor Of Love patch notes reveal some big changes for the game - including loadouts and the ability to transform into a wolf

‘Terraria’ sequel concept art shared by game’s developer

Terraria creator and Re-Logic president Andrew "Redigit" Spinks has shared some early concept art for a sequel to the game. READ MORE: ‘No Man’s...

‘Terraria’ update 1.4.4 “extremely close” to being finished

The Labor of Love update will feature an evolved version of the Void Bag

‘Terraria’ update 1.4.3 brings ‘Don’t Starve’ crossover to console

The latest 'Terraria' update includes new characters, more items, and a huge 'Don't Starve' crossover

‘Terraria’ developer shares what to expect from ‘Labor Of Love’ update and beyond

Re-Logic is "putting the finishing touches" on a series of patches for console and mobile versions of 'Terraria'

‘Terraria’ developer is back for more with a surprise new update

Almost 18 months ago, it seemed that development on ‘Terraria’ was coming to a conclusion. There was the ‘Journey’s End’ update, which was the fourth major expansion which hit in May 2020 which was designed to bring the game to a place where it was considered “complete”. However, then ‘Journey’s Actual End’ was released on October 13th, 2020, and that was it: properly finished this time. Or not, as it seems, because the developer Re-Logic is back for another update, fittingly titled the ‘Labour of Love Update’.

‘Terraria’ patch 1.4.4. will bring quality of life changes and a few new items

The 'Labor of Love' update will include some new items

‘Terraria’ launches massive Journey’s End update on the Nintendo Switch

Re-Logic has also shared a fix for anyone dealing with lag on the Switch version