Relic Entertainment

‘Company Of Heroes 3’ catches 3-month delay for “fine-tuning”

Relic's strategy game will now launch in February 2023

‘Company Of Heroes 3’ is taking the series in a bolder, better direction

'Company Of Heroes 3' is shaping up to be a runaway hit for the series, with a phenomenal new campaign map and brutal skirmish mode

‘Company Of Heroes 3’ release date announced with free demo

An early level from the North African 'Company Of Heroes 3' is available to play now

‘Company Of Heroes 3’ tanks will show accurate dirt and damage

Soldiers will get division-accurate emblems and markings

‘Age Of Empires 4’ patch improves matchmaking times

More time fighting, less time queuing.

‘Company Of Heroes 3’ destruction overview details collapsing buildings

Shell that building right now! It will look so pretty

‘Company Of Heroes 3’ changes how detachments will work after feedback

Detachments will be a bit simpler for players to use

‘Company Of Heroes 3’ developers share deep dive campaign video

The campaign expands upon ideas from 'Company of Heroes 2'

‘Age Of Empires 4’ design director has left Relic Entertainment

"I am very proud of the team's work on Age Of Empires IV"