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A PS5 version of ‘Apex Legends’ may be launching soon

It could be good news for Xbox gamers, too

Respawn’s secretive third game is still going ahead following loss of director

The AAA first-person shooter is due 2024 at the earliest

Respawn’s unannounced single-player game loses creative director

"After 10 years at Respawn and getting to ship the most amazing games of my career it was time to call it quits"

‘Apex Legends’ is getting a new nautical map, series of flash events

"Habitat 4 was inspired by Leviathans and how it would feel to fight in their breeding grounds"

New ‘Apex Legends’ Bangalore skin is crashing the game

"We're working to fix this as soon as we can!"

‘Apex Legends’ might be getting region locked servers

It’s hard to believe, looking back, that free-to-play battle royale first person shooter ‘Apex Legends’ was a game nobody had a clue about until it was announced and released on the same day back in February 2019. Since then it’s gone from strength to strength, with new modes, legends, and it even came to Nintendo Switch. Now, however, it seems the developer might be considering region locked servers to keep the competitive nature alive.

‘Apex Legends’ developer is considering a region lock to combat lag

Respawn may impose restrictions on which servers players can use

Respawn co-founder leaving after 11 years

Char Grenier thanks Vince Zampella on his way out