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‘Apex Legends Mobile’ confirmed, regional beta starts this month

The first round of beta tests will take place in India and the Philippines for Android devices

‘Apex Legends’ has surpassed 100 million global players

The milestone follows the game's second anniversary

‘Titanfall 2’ weapon has been leaked for ‘Apex Legends’

It looks like the EPG energy weapon will be coming to Apex Legends soon

Respawn confirms new ‘Apex Legends’ game modes

The free-to-play shooter could soon have an arena mode

Respawn respond to bug affecting PlayStation versions of ‘Apex Legends’

Players reported losing all progress over the weekend

A “ton” of ‘Titanfall’ content is coming to ‘Apex Legends’ Season 9

“What’s going on in ‘Titanfall’ is a war, ‘Apex’ is what happens after the war”

The next ‘Apex Legends’ hero will reportedly appeal to a Japanese audience

“The legend in Season 9 I hope will be liked in Japan,” says game director Chad Grenier

‘Apex Legends’ on Switch will run at 30 FPS with optional cross-play

The launch coincides with the start of the Chaos Theory Collection Event

Chaos Theory Collection Event remixes ‘Apex Legends’

Water Treatment gets a toxic makeover and Heat Shields arrive