Roblox Corporation

‘Roblox’ introduces age verification as an opt-in service

Age verification will be required for the platform's upcoming voice chat system

Twenty One Pilots announce virtual concert in ‘Roblox’

The interactive show is part of a partnership between Warner Music and ‘Roblox’

‘Roblox’ is adding voice chat with new spatial voice feature

The feature will be slowly rolled out to developers

‘Roblox’ is allegedly exploiting young game developers

Earning "serious cash" is not as easy as the company makes out for its core users of 9-15 year-olds

‘Roblox’ is having a problem with recreations of mass shooting events

Moderating extreme content is proving very difficult

Roblox and Sony agree music licensing deal

Remember last month when the music industry hit Roblox with a $200 million lawsuit due to the amount of music that was breaching copyright laws by being used? Well, it seems that Roblox and Sony have sat down and reached an agreement so that music can be licensed, legitimately, in the game.

‘Roblox’ signs new partnership with Sony – will create “innovative music experiences”

Lil Nas X's 'Roblox' performance recieved over 34 million views

‘Roblox’ now has a ‘Stranger Things’ playable location

The level includes four mini-games based on the popular Netflix show

Music industry hits ‘Roblox’ with a $200 million lawsuit

If you’re of a certain age and have kids, it’s almost certain you have seen or heard ‘Roblox’ being played in the background. For a long time it was the game that isn’t ‘Minecraft’ in many households, but it gained a massive following and became a huge success all on its own. That said, it is also a host to so much content that is dubious, copyright wise. It’s not uncommon to see games like ‘Pokémon’ replicated in ‘Roblox’, or to hear music that definitely hasn’t been cleared for use in the game by very popular artists. And it seems the music industry has noticed, and isn’t happy.

Music publishers hit Roblox with $200million lawsuit for “exploitation of music”

They claim Roblox is “taking advantage of young people’s lack of understanding about copyright”