Siege Camp

‘Foxhole: Naval Warfare’ adds submarines and battleships in massive maritime update

Adding an entirely new dimension to conflict

‘Foxhole’ developer ditches WW2 for new game ‘Anvil Empires’

Up to 1000 players will be able to "fight shoulder-to-shoulder" together

‘Foxhole’ is leaving Early Access with trains and flamethrowers

"Large scale rail networks" will bring the game's logistics community up to speed

‘Foxhole’ logistics union ends 49-day strike after demands met

"There is a lot that has been achieved and a lot to be proud of"

‘Foxhole’ developer announces logistics changes after a month of in-game strikes

There's a chance that these 'Foxhole' changes will bring a month-long general strike to an end

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‘Foxhole’ players launch organised in-game strike to demand change

A logistics strike in the war game means that players on the front line will not be resupplied with ammo and equipment

‘Foxhole’ players can now dig actual Foxholes in new update

This major update has also expanded the map by 60 per cent