Sledgehammer Games

Ex-Sledgehammer GM says fans underestimate how much goes into ‘Call of Duty’

"I studied World War Two for three years. I worked with historians. I spent eight days in a van in Europe going to all the places that were going to be in the game"

Activision confirms Sledgehammer Games is working on the next ‘Call Of Duty’

“The game is looking great and on track for its fall release”

This year’s ‘Call Of Duty’ game will reportedly return to a World War II setting

The game is reportedly being developed by Sledgehammer Games

Sledgehammer Games reportedly developing this year’s ‘Call Of Duty’ game

“While this information isn’t official, it doesn’t need to be taken with a grain of salt”

Treyarch troll the data-miners in the Black Ops: Cold War beta

As usual with a beta or demo, data-minters have jumped into the source code and, initially, thought they’d found something that people wouldn’t like. Treyarch, however, are apparently pretty acutely aware they’d try this...