Sony Interactive Entertainment

New PS5 update improves system stability and other known issues

An issue involving games deleting themselves has also been rectified

Phil Spencer opens up about the Xbox Series X pre-order experience

It was in part due to "old world thinking"

Sony unsure whether it will expand the PlayStation Plus Collection

“We're going to wait and see how the world receives the Plus Collection”

UK retailer CeX caught reselling next-gen consoles at extortionate prices

Consoles are selling for at least £200 more than their recommended retail price

Amazon PS5 customers reportedly delivered cat food, NERF guns and rice

Their console is no where to be seen with customers allegedly being offered £5 gift cards as compensation

PS5’s large size blamed for delivery issues and further delays

It’s the biggest machine in modern console history

PlayStation 5 easily outsells Xbox Series X in Japan

But it’s also down significantly compared to the PlayStation 4

Sony might be working on PlayStation’s answer to Xbox Game Pass

“There is actually news to come,” said PlayStation head Jim Ryan

Here’s the official fix for the PlayStation 5’s download queue issue

Users will have to enter safe mode to rebuild the system's database

An easy mode for ‘Demon’s Souls’ remake was almost a reality

“We ultimately decided it wasn’t our place”