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Sony fined $3.5million over PlayStation refund policy: “What Sony told these consumers was false”

"Consumer guarantee rights do not expire after a digital product has been downloaded"

Naughty Dog says ‘The Last Of Us Part II’ will require strategic thinking

“If you go in guns blazing [...] you could easily get overwhelmed”

‘The Last Of Us Part II’ is Naughty Dog’s most accessible game ever

Around 60 accessibility options will be available in the game

PlayStation 5 reveal event delayed to “allow more important voices to be heard”

The Future Of Gaming would have focused on upcoming PS5 games

Sony announces ‘The Future Of Gaming’ event for PlayStation 5 games

The digital showcase will run for over an hour

‘The Last Of Us Part II’ will showcase an “insane attention to detail”

It’s all about making the game as authentic as possible