Spotify Wrapped 2023 launches – check out yours and the world’s most streamed artists and songs

New features have been introduced, as well as an upcoming live event in London

When is ‘Spotify Wrapped’ 2023 released?

Users will soon be able to look back on their year in music

Spotify confirm songs now need at least 1,000 streams to earn royalties

The new regulations mean that around 60 per cent of tracks do not meet the threshold

Spotify to pull out of Uruguay after bill demanding fair pay to artists

“Changes that could force Spotify to pay twice for the same music would make out business of connecting artists and fans unsustainable"

‘Shadow Of The Colossus’ soundtrack comes to Spotify after 17 years

Alongside 'Gravity Rush', 'Soul Sacrifice' and more

FC Barcelona launch new kit with The Rolling Stones

The collaboration comes ahead of the band’s new album ‘Hackney Diamonds’

Sampha wants to “interrogate spirituality” on new album ‘Lahai’

"Music is just a place where I can go to find out how I’m feeling on certain things"

Spotify to offer 15 free hours of audiobook streaming per month

The feature is available in the UK now and will be rolled out in the US later this year

Spotify launches tool for artists to pay to feature on home screen

Artists can now pay to have their music appear as a mobile banner on the homepage