Square Enix

Naoki Yoshida is working on ‘Final Fantasy 16’ “with utmost care”

Yoshi-P has debunked comments that he doesn't have time for FF14

‘Life Is Strange: True Colors’ streamers can let viewers vote on game choices

Twitch streamers can use Crowd Choice plug-in letting viewers suggest or vote on choices as the game is played live

‘Surgeon Simulator 2’ and ‘Final Fantasy XIII’ joining Xbox Game Pass

As has become a monthly tradition, the team at Xbox has revealed another mass of games hitting a variety of versions of Game Pass this month. Be they on cloud, console, or PC, a grand total of eight games have been announced, including ‘Final Fantasy XIII’.

Square Enix will be hosting a showcase at Tokyo Games Show

There's got to be some Final Fantasy in there somewhere, right?

‘Final Fantasy XIV’ celebrates 8th anniversary with cake from Bake Off star

The Rising in-game event also begins in Eorzea today