Square Enix

PlatinumGames’ ‘Babylon’s Fall’ appears on SteamDB with beta listing

The Square Enix action game was first announced in 2018

‘Final Fantasy XIV’ producer Naoki Yoshida believes 5G could be the end for consoles

“There will definitely come a time when we can transfer images to any device”

‘Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate’ announced by Square Enix

'Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D' and 'Dragon Quest Treasures' were also revealed

A new ‘Final Fantasy’ game is reportedly coming from the makers of ‘Nioh’

Square Enix are on a roll recently, with the runaway success of new game ‘Outriders’ and with the upcoming new-gen re-release of ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’, but it seems that outside of that, and the previously announced PlayStation exclusive ‘Final Fantasy XVI’, there’s even more coming in the form of a “Soul-like” game in the series, from the makers of ‘Nioh’.

Unannounced ‘Final Fantasy’ spin-off reportedly helmed by ‘Nioh’ developer

The game is allegedly called ‘Final Fantasy Origin’

Square Enix reportedly to reveal PS5-exclusive ‘Final Fantasy’ game at E3

Alongside a forthcoming “cross-gen Eidos title”

‘Final Fantasy XIV’ director responds to player tributes to Berserk creator

"It goes to show just how much people have received from Mr. Miura and his artwork"

‘Final Fantasy XIV’ players pay tribute to Berserk creator Kentaro Miura

Hundreds of players are paying tribute to the late manga artist

Square Enix describes ‘Outriders’ as its “next major franchise”

The newly released game already has 3.5million unique players, the developer claims