Strange Scaffold

The latest Day of the Devs stream proves it’s here to stay for another decade

Whether you're after gambling pooches or a weaponised umbrella, the latest Day of the Devs stream had it all

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The Bean Bone update will let players "buy the mangled remains of your former crewmates"

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Xalavier Nelson Jr.: “we just want to see good people make games”

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Strange Scaffold moves into publishing with roguelite ‘Purgatory Dungeoneer’

"I will reach God himself through a strategy of unpredictable diversification," said Strange Scaffold director Xalavier Nelson Jr.

‘Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator’ launches on the Switch

The "sci-fi body horror market tycoon" game is also getting crossover content with 'Among Us', 'Bugsnax' and 'Inscryption'