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‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ may use patented “highly dynamic and realistic animations”

A "library of small building blocks for character movements" tells the game how the character should react

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Netflix in talks for a ‘Grand Theft Auto’ spin-off game

Netflix has reportedly spent approximately £822million ($1billion) on its gaming strategy

‘Red Dead Redemption’ gets 60 FPS mode on PS5

The game only ran at 30 frames per second when it was re-released in August

‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ moon theory from “desperate” fans is being ridiculed

The Moon Festival announcement has divided fans

‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ hacker attacked Rockstar Games from a Travelodge hotel

Arion Kurtaj was in "flagrant disregard for his bail conditions"

‘Red Dead Redemption’ has launched on PS4 and Nintendo Switch

The physical version arrives in October

Rockstar acquires ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ roleplay developers

The software lets players create servers for their characters

‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ might arrive before April 2025

The publisher is still keeping its cards close to its chest

‘Red Dead Redemption’ film is too much of a risk, suggests publisher

'The Last Of Us' saw huge success this year