Team Ninja

‘Stranger Of Paradise’ was not planned to feature the ‘Final Fantasy’ brand

Tetsuya Nomura says the game was supposed to be a “completely new title”

‘Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2’ gets a new behind-the-scenes video

The video shares a host of details regarding development.

Laugh all you want, but ‘Stranger Of Paradise – Final Fantasy Origin’ is actually pretty good

He wants to kill Chaos - and so will you after playing Team Ninja's interesting 'Dark Souls' meets 'Devil May Cry' mash-up.

A new ‘Final Fantasy’ game is reportedly coming from the makers of ‘Nioh’

Square Enix are on a roll recently, with the runaway success of new game ‘Outriders’ and with the upcoming new-gen re-release of ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’, but it seems that outside of that, and the previously announced PlayStation exclusive ‘Final Fantasy XVI’, there’s even more coming in the form of a “Soul-like” game in the series, from the makers of ‘Nioh’.

Unannounced ‘Final Fantasy’ spin-off reportedly helmed by ‘Nioh’ developer

The game is allegedly called ‘Final Fantasy Origin’

‘Nioh’ and ‘Streets of Rage 4’ coming to PlayStation Now

In an effort not to be outdone by Microsoft and Game Pass, Sony are ramping up its own PlayStation Now service with more games each month. In fairness, Sony were always adding games to the service, but perhaps in reaction to the praise Xbox Game Pass gets, they’re making more noise, and adding bigger games.