‘Marauders’ lead developer Cameron Small on taking his ‘Tarkov’ love to space

"You can't beat 'Tarkov' on its gunplay - it's some of the best in the world! So we'll carve out our space in another way"

‘Hell Let Loose’ launches major ‘Falling Dark’ update

Voice chat has been improved and new DLC has been added

‘Sunday Gold’ preview: London falling in this dreary dystopia

Team17's crime thriller 'Sunday Gold' paints a miserable vision of Britain's future, garnished with heaps of style

Team17-published ‘Sunday Gold’ releases later this year

'Sunday Gold' follows a trio of criminals as they work to take down a billionaire

Team17’s soulslike ‘Thymesia’ gets free demo and August release date

OverBorder Studio is using the 'Thymesia' demo to get feedback from fans

How to watch the Future Games Show: Spring Showcase livestream

The show will take a look at over 40 games and will feature several world premieres

Team17 CEO promises “action” following accusations of poor working conditions

"I won't brush over anything that was said or ignore any of the points being made. It will all be thoroughly investigated"

Team17 staff speak out against studio conditions following ‘Worms’ NFT controversy

Employees have described long hours, low salaries, HR failures, and more.

Team17 launches and ends NFT project after industry outcry

It’s one of the hottest topics in gaming right now, as publishers and creators look to levy the NFTs (or Non Fungible Tokens) to make more money from the consumer, and it just keeps backfiring. The latest to attempt to jump on the NFT-train and then hastily put on the brakes is Team17.

NFT ‘Worms’ project cancelled after community and developer backlash

Team17's “MetaWorms” NFT was announced at the start of the week