NRG reveals The NRG Castle, a $10,000,000 gaming hub

It comes with a replica of the Oval Office with energy drink fountains

Queen’s Gaming Collective raises $1.5 million for women’s gaming brand

"We want to start to change the face of the industry"

Twitch streamer goes viral for creative way of dodging DMCA claims

Streamer PlayWithJambo performed the 'Skyrim' audio herself

Twitch streamers are getting DMCA strikes for in-game sound effects

Apparently clock chimes, police sirens and wind noise all count as DMCA violations

Twitch apologises for recent music and DMCA-related bans

The platform is currently working on new tools to help creators work around the issue

FaZe Cizzorz banned without warning from Twitch

Latest ban in a wave of suspected DMCA violations

Pokimane passes 6million followers on Twitch

Pokimane is the most popular streamers ever and is ranked sixth overall

Voyboy mysteriously banned on Twitch minutes after stream

The ban is speculated to be DMCA related

Pokimane caps Twitch donations, tells fans to support growing channels

She says donations of more than $5 are “unnecessary”

Twitch confirms digital GlitchCon event for November

This year’s TwitchCon was cancelled due to COVID-19