Twitch is now available on Nintendo Switch

Watch your favourite Twitch streams on Switch

Twitch announces new programme to support musicians

The Collective supports musicians each step of the way

Amouranth has sold a NSFW NFT for over £90,000

There were only four accounts doing the bidding

Twitch money laundering scheme leads to politician calling for investigation

A money laundering ring on Twitch involved over 2,000 streamers and made roughly £7.3million

Streamer SquidGaming loses “amazing” work because of ‘Squid Game’ TV show

"First I get sent abuse, then I get banned, now I'm losing out on work"

xQc rages after being denied a win in fan-made ‘Squid Game’

The streamer was practically cheated out of a win

Shroud thinks ‘New World’ players could be waiting “years” for mounts

"MMOs always start in one way, and then they do a huge overhaul, and it turns into something else"

Twitch starts new paid boost feature goes live amidst backlash

The feature is live in US and available to about 100 streamers

Twitch streamer Pokimane now co-owns Evo, an iconic fighting game tournament

Pokimane's position at RTS means she co-owns the biggest fighting game competition in the world