‘Hardspace: Shipbreaker’ adds radiation element in latest patch

The new element will provide “spatial challenges”

‘Team Fortress 2”s overdue update includes new summer cosmetic pack

Probably not enough to get the community excited though

‘Dota 2’ is getting a new summer event

Nemestice is coming to ‘Dota 2’ – a new event for the classic MOBA

‘Portal’ lead designer Kim Swift joins Xbox Game Studios

Kim Swift worked on a variety of Valve games including 'Portal' and 'Left 4 Dead'.

NVidia and Valve team up to bring DLSS to games on Linux

This may link to the reported 'SteamPal' console

Free-to-play ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ players have been punted from ranked matchmaking

The decision was down to "bad actors" who "hurt the experience of both new and existing players"