‘Dota 2’ celebrates 10th anniversary with limited edition Ballantine’s whisky

An exclusive short film has been released as well

‘Counter-Strike 2”s “most serious bug” is spinning too fast, say fans

The game's anti-cheat system has been overly zealous on occasion

‘Counter-Strike 2’ will be “reversing” accidental AMD bans

Valve warned players against using this feature in the game

‘Counter-Strike 2”s ‘Michael Jackson peek’ is out, ‘Shakira booty dance’ is in

This did not take the game's community long to discover

‘Counter-Strike 2’ fans dodge bullets with “Michael Jackson Peek”

Valve has not decided whether using the trick makes a player a smooth criminal

Steam upgrades security after games hijacked to spread malware

There has been "an uptick in sophisticated attacks"

Valve makes “difficult decision” to stop ‘Counter-Strike 2’ Mac support

A legacy version of 'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive' will be playable instead

‘Counter-Strike 2’ becomes the worst-rated Valve game ever

The game got a small update on October 9

‘Counter-Strike 2’ players criticise missing ‘CS:GO’ game modes

Arms Race, Danger Zone and Flying Scoutsman didn't make it into the game

‘Counter-Strike 2’ will penalise players for associating with cheaters

It's not clear what "associating" with a cheater constitutes though