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US Senator writes to Valve’s Gabe Newell about Steam’s neo-Nazi problem

“Valve should be taking steps to prevent harmful content, especially given the relationship between online comments and violence in the offline world”

‘Left 4 Dead’ almost didn’t have zombies in it according to an ex-Valve writer

Valve president Gabe Newell initially pushed back on the inclusion of zombies in the game

Bethesda players can now start transferring games to Steam

Players will still have access to their accounts after transferring their games

Valve says it’s working on a fix for ‘Elden Ring’ stuttering on Steam Deck

For now, players can change their Steam Deck settings for a smoother 'Elden Ring' experience

Valve president Gabe Newell is hand-delivering Steam Decks

Newell also gave two friends free Steam Decks after he was spotted delivering one

Valve open to adding Xbox Game Pass to Steam

Microsoft's Game Pass could come to Steam

Valve announces a way to check Steam Deck Verified games ahead of launch

A mere three days before the Steam Deck is officially launching, Valve has announced a host of games that fit the “Deck Verified” list, but also a way for people to check ahead of time how many of the games they already own are compatible with the forthcoming hybrid handheld PC.

Epic won’t support ‘Fortnite’ on Valve’s Steam Deck

So far, Valve’s portable handheld PC is impressing the people who have had a bit of time with it, and with the previously announced “Deck Verified” program, there are high hopes that not only will the software work well, but most games will be clear and up front about the kind of compatibility with the new system, so there’s no confusion. Most games will work in some form or another due to Steam Deck being an open platform where people with the know-how can install anything they want, but it seems Epic Games won’t be supporting ‘Fortnite’ on the Steam Deck, at least not fully.

The Steam Deck battery has been tested in the wild with good results

As we get closer to the February 25th release date for Valve’s handheld PC Steam Deck, samples of the device are being sent to media, and we’re getting some new information ahead of the final reviews that will likely be out closer to launch. It seems that for now outlets can only talk about the hardware itself, and that so far, the device is sounding pretty good.

The Steam Deck’s battery can drain if players don’t cap FPS

'Devil May Cry 5' only lasts 87 minutes with some setting changes.