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Steam adds a new “dynamic cloud sync” feature ahead of Steam Deck release

While much of the gaming world is focused on the deluge of massive game releases coming in February like ‘Horizon Forbidden West’, ‘Dying Light 2 Stay Human’, and ‘Elden Ring’, Valve is throwing its hat into the ring with the launch of the Steam Deck, a Nintendo Switch like handheld device that can also be docked, and is a fully fledged PC in your hands. Just ahead of launch, Valve has detailed a new feature for Steam Cloud called “dynamic cloud sync” which is designed to help with the fact people will likely suspend their game on Steam Deck without fully closing it.

Steam Deck now supports Easy Anti-Cheat games

Easy Anti-Cheat games include 'Apex Legends' and 'Battlefield 2042'

‘Dark Souls 2’ and ‘Psychonauts 2’ officially verified for Steam Deck among others

Not all games compatible with the Steam Deck are officially verified

There won’t be any Steam Deck exclusive games

While it may have been delayed from the initial December release date, Valve’s new PC/home console hybrid still has a lot to show us all before it becomes available to purchase. One thing that has now come to light however, is that there will be no games that are exclusive to Steam Deck.

Valve’s Steam Deck has been delayed into 2022

Perhaps this was always going to happen, but stop us if you’ve heard this before: due to global supply issues it appears another piece of hardware is going to take longer to make it into consumers’ hands than originally planned.

‘Left 4 Dead 2’ beat ‘Back 4 Blood’ in player count over the weekend

The 12-year-old zombie shooter is still on top following the Halloween weekend

Modder releases ‘Half-Life’ mod they’ve been working on for 12 years

Half-Life: Delta features 4 chapters, 300+ models, and 31 maps

Valve announce Steam Sale dates for the rest of 2021

The Steam sales are a peculiar thing. Everyone gets incredibly excited for them when they come around, because sometimes you get deals that are an absolute steal. But they also leak, almost every single time, about a week ahead of the official announcement. So to see that off, Valve has decided to just announce every Steam sale date that’s left for the rest of the year.

Valve announces “Deck Verified” for upcoming Steam Deck

While many were excited when Valve announced it’s Switch-like hybrid handheld console-pc, the Steam Deck, it slowly became apparent that while the device certainly seemed powerful enough to play most games available via Steam, due to running a custom operating system, it may not run every single title as intended. To counter concerns, Valve has announced “Deck Verified”, and is planning on reviewing the entire Steam catalog.