Void Interactive

‘Ready Or Not’ releases “biggest content update” yet

The latest patch includes over 500 fixes and comes with a snazzy trailer

‘Ready Or Not’ back on Steam following trademark dispute

There was an issue with the new Night Club level

‘Ready Or Not’ disappears from Steam after adding nightclub massacre level

Days before disappearing from Steam, developer Void Interactive added a level depicting a mass shooting at a nightclub - on the anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting

‘Ready Or Not’ update will let enemies hide under beds

Developer Void Interactive says 'Ready Or Not' is about to receive its "largest content update yet"

‘Ready Or Not’ gets a new map and more in its second major update

The hefty update also brings two new weapons and makes certain suspects more dangerous

‘Ready Or Not’ update adds new maps and weapons

The first major update is available now

‘Ready Or Not’ developer justifies why it charges more for alpha testing

Some players have criticised Void Interactive for locking alpha testing behind a £61.98 upgrade

‘Ready Or Not’ is a well-made tactical FPS that I feel uncomfortable playing

Void Interactive's spiritual successor to SWAT 4 is tactically engaging but thematically regressive

‘Ready Or Not’ will add new weapons and game mode options in January

A sizeable update is set to arrive this month