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‘Gotham Knights’ release date, playable characters and latest news

Gotham Knights pulls together several different characters from the Arkham series including Batgirl, Red Hood and Robin. The story is set after Batman dies,...

‘Gotham Knights’ brings release forward alongside new villains trailer

It’s been announced at Gamescom that the release date for WB Montréal’s Gotham Knights has been brought forward slightly. READ MORE: Roll7 co-founder John...

‘Gotham Knights’ fans split over quality of new in-game footage

Some are saying the game looks clunky and slow

‘Gotham Knights’ studio says Batman would overshadow the game

Batman would "take up all the space," says the developer

‘Gotham Knights’ Batgirl trailer shows the vigilante in action

Batgirl's origins and combat are shown off

Batman is dead in ‘Gotham Knights’ – and he stays dead

Batman is "really" dead, and The Joker won't be turning up in the game - though Harley Quinn might

‘Gotham Knights’ studio works with AbleGamers to make changes to Batgirl following feedback

Many were criticising WB Montréal for its depiction of disabilities

New ‘Gotham Knights’ gameplay shows off Nightwing and Red Hood in action

The developer confirmed that the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game have been cancelled

‘Gotham Knights’ PlayStation store listing suggests four player functionality

WB Montréal previously said the game will only have two player co-op