A new ‘Indiana Jones’ title is coming from the makers of ‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’

You didn’t see this one coming, right? A brand new story in the ‘Indiana Jones’ world is coming to gaming via MachineGames, the makers of the rebooted ‘Wolfenstein’ series. Will it be an Xbox exclusive, though, or not?

Game Pass is getting a major ‘Star Wars’ injection

Fans of Xbox and ‘Star Wars’ are going to be in heaven at the moment, as Xbox has announced yet more Game Pass goodness, and it’s all about ‘Star Wars’ and Disney

Disney+ and Apple TV will be available on the Xbox Series S | X

We’ve seen all the games, the dashboard, and how powerful the Xbox Series X and S are, but now Microsoft have lifted the lid on the media apps for the next-generation of Xbox, and there’s one or two surprises...

A new Batman game is about to be revealed

After what seems like an eternity of teasing, Warner Bros Montreal are set to unveil their brand new Batman game, seemingly called Gotham Knights, at the DC Fandome on August 22