Nintendo issues reminder following NSFW ‘Splatoon 3’ stream incident

The broadcasting trick saw NSFW material appear on stream

Activision seemingly teases new ‘Crash Bandicoot’ game

A new game could be revealed at The Game Awards in December

YouTube to host an interactive stream with ‘Among Us’, ‘Fall Guys’ and more

Viewers will be able to influence what happens on stream during the event

Pokimane announces streaming hiatus to take a “mental reset”

"I've been feeling in need of a mental reset & some time to focus on myself/my life offline"

‘Sonic’ YouTube content is being flagged as “made for kids”, destroying creator livelihoods

As a brand that’s been going for over thirty years, ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ has fans of all ages. People who grew up playing the original games are now adults with kids of their own, and some are making content for YouTube which is of such a high quality, and respected among the fanbase that it’s become a form of income. YouTube, however, is deciding some of this content is “made for kids”, and making this incredibly hard to continue.

‘Sonic’ content on YouTube is being flagged as “made for kids”, destroying creator livelihoods

“Your video is tossed into a pool of other “made for kids” content that is of poor quality, so you're made irrelevant”

Dr Disrespect claims YouTube Gaming doesn’t “support us one bit”

"Such a phony industry I'm in," said the streamer, who resolved a legal dispute with Twitch earlier in the year

Streamer IShowSpeed banned from every Riot Games title after sexist tirade

IShowSpeed had 6.9million Youtube followers but now is facing a ban from that platform as well

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