A Nirvana themed vegan cafe is opening in Glasgow

We're already hungry.

A vegan cafe themed around the music of Nirvana is set to open in Glasgow later this year.

The cafe, which has been aptly named ‘In Bloom’, is set to open on Clarendon Place, located in the St George’s Cross area of the city.

The vegan eaterie is billed as a “cruelty free cafe”, with photos posted on social media showing the front of the shop – complete with a logo that appears extremely similar to the font that Nirvana famously used to display their name.

An opening date is also yet to be revealed, but Facebook updates tease that they’re preparing a menu that features ethically sourced food and drinks including Karma Cola.

Amazingly, it’s not the only vegan cafe in Glasgow to boast some musical inspiration either.

Last year saw the opening of the fantastically named Soy Division , specialising in all your café classics, from egg-free quiche and soya lattes. It’s also known for serving vegan takes on fry-up staples including soy-based bacon and vegan sausages.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Glasgow was previously revealed to be the second most vegan friendly city in the UK. Research published last year claimed that some 28 percent of people in Glasgow are vegans – ahead of the 13 percent in Edinburgh.