Eating for the insta – The UK’s most grammable food

It’s been four years since the croissant and the donut came together to birth the cronut. But what new utterly bonkers food inventions are people posting on Instagram in 2017?

Mermaid Toast

Where to get it: Do it yourself – if you can be arsed.
Cost: The price of quick whizz around a health food shop.
WTF? Miami based food stylist Adeline Waugh invented this multi-coloured snack by swirling blue spirulina powder and green chlorophyll drops into cream cheese. No mermaids were harmed in the making of mermaid toast.
Weirdness factor: 4/5
What people say: “When life gives you lemons, make mermaid toast.” @thejulieavenue

Waves for days…🌊🌊 #mermaidtoast 📷: @vibrantandpure

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Candy-floss cone

Where to get it: The Milk Train Café, Covent Garden, London
Cost: £4.50
WTF? For an extra quid, you can get a fluffy cloud of candy-floss around your ice-cream cone. An easy way to up your sugar intake.
Weirdness factor: 5/5
What people say: “I died & went to dessert heaven” @xovanny

Fairy floss cone 🍦 The perfect sequel to my previous post & current blog ✌🏽

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Cloud Eggs

Where to get it: Your own kitchen
Cost: 99p for a carton of eggs
WTF? Another DIY home food trend, cloud eggs are made by whipping and baking the whites before adding the yolk a bit later. More of a faff than frying but bound to get you a least 10 more social likes.
Weirdness factor: 2/5
What people say: “Thought I’d give those #cloudeggs a go. Fun but not really worth all the effort.” @frandavi99

Goth Ice Cream

Where to get it: Little Damage, Los Angeles
Cost: $6
WTF? Almond-charcoal flavoured ice-cream which comes in every goth’s favourite colour. Doomy and delicious.
Weirdness factor: 3/5
What people say: “Ice cream as black as my soul” @hernamewasstephanie

Vegan Chicken

Where to get it: Temple of Hackney, London.
Cost: £6
WTF? It’s meat, but not as you know it. This veggie-friendly ‘chicken’ shop uses seitan – a compressed wheat gluten – instead of dead animals to make their suprisingly delicious, hipster-friendly fake fried chicken.
Weirdness factor: 2/5
What people say: “Pretty impressed with the new (and world’s first) VEGAN frIed CHICKEN shop in Hackney. Being a veggie this year is happening.” @brensd

Raindrop Cake

Where to get it: Yamagoya, London
Cost: TBC
WTF? Looks like a drop of water, tastes like… //nothing//? This pop-up ramen bar is putting the Japanese see-thru pud made of water and agar jelly on its menu this month – get your fave food filter on standby. Oh and it’s calorie free, but possibly fun free too.
Weirdness factor: 5/5
What people say: “The most hipster thing I ever wasted money on” @kheybear

Dessert Anyone? #raindropcake

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Buckfast Negroni

Where to get it: Bad Sports, London
Cost: £8.50
WTF? The bar at this east London taco spot takes the classic taste of a night at T In The Park and mixes it with the ultimate in classy cocktails for the ‘Coatbridge Negroni’. You have been warned.
Weirdness factor: 1/5
What people say: “Negronis with BUCKFAST gets you F**KED FAST.” @sammarchant

Mac & Cheese Burger

Where to get it: Dirty Bones, London
Cost: £11
WTF? By fusing two great meals – mac and cheese and the humble burger – Dirty Bones have created something exceptional. Your colon will never forgive you.
Weirdness factor: 2/5
What people say: “Mac n cheese burger is the killer” @truffleandtoast

Well, that happened. 🍔#hangoversundays #brunch #dirtybones #macandcheeseburger #shoreditch

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Black Bagels

Where to get it: Little Ghost, London
Cost: £9.50
WTF? An antidote to the now ubiquitous rainbow bagel, this charcoal infused dough ring comes stuffed with Asian-inspired fillings, including pork belly and pineapple kimchi, chicken katsu and beetroot curry. Yumz.
Weirdness factor: 1/5
What people say: “The meal of kings” @appetiteofdestruction

#blackbagels #smokesalmon

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Where to get it: The Lucky Fox, Sheffield
Cost: £8.95
WTF? All of the ice-cream. All of the sauces. A donut. Pretzels. Cream. Followed by a coronary.
Weirdness factor: 2/5
What people say: “What dreams are made of” @jessicarenshaw

Jeszcze możecie się załapać na kaktusa! 🌵🌵🌵 #freakshake #foodporn #shake #desserts #yummy #warsaw #café #warszawa

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Unicorn Latte

Where to get it: The End, Brooklyn
Cost: $9
WTF? Blue-green algae blended with vanilla, lemon juice and dates, it’s healthy AF, unlike the familiar looking ‘unicorn frappucino’ that Starbucks recently put on sale. The New York café that invented the original drink are currently suing the coffee powerhouse for stealing their idea.
Weirdness factor: 4/5
What people say: “It did not taste good and it cost an arm and a leg, but it looks pretty for instagram so it was worth it?” @itsrebeccajoelle


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