Beyoncé holding a menu at a restaurant is now the go-to restaurant meme

'I actually invented lemonade so it should be free.'

‘Life must be hard for Beyoncé‘, you might think as you contemplate this new shard of viral Beyoncé-ness. ‘Can’t even go to a restaurant and order some lovely food without triggering a new torrent of memes and lols’.

It’s fair enough if that’s what you thought, but actually I’ll have you know that Beyoncé shared the above photo herself on her own Instagram feed, in a set of photos taken at a private birthday event that was also attended by the likes of DJ Khaled and her husband Jay Z. Beyoncé probably has an inkling that anything she shares will be latched onto by her 100,000,000 Instagram followers – her twin-pregnancy reveal photoshoot is now the most-liked post on the photo-sharing service. And, like Drake, she can probably predict when something might go viral for funny reasons – because she is the subject of many, many Beyoncé memes, from the unflattering to the relatable. Yet she still chose a picture of herself ordering off a menu to include in her mini-album from the evening and, as you might expect, that very picture turned into a Twitter-wide caption competition. It’s apt for jokes about all kinds of awkward restaurant-based exchanges between staff and patrons – the best examples of which we’ve collected for your entertainment here. Bon appétit.

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