You can buy ‘blood-injected’ cheese balls just in time for Halloween

They're looking positively deathly...

A popular food pop-up is returning to London next week with a unique twist just in time for Halloween.

Earlier this year, Dona Rita launched their first pop up at Old Street station, selling Brazilian cheese balls that are, by their own estimations, a “melted cheese inferno”.

Now, they’re returning to Old Street next week with a unique Halloween twist on their most popular treat.

This time around though, the cheese balls look positively deathly after active charcoal was added to the recipe to give them a burnt look.

A batch of six balls, which costs £5, also comes with a syringe filled with a choice of sweet or spicy blood (otherwise known as jam or Sriracha sauce).

But there’s also good news if you’re hoping to get some cheesy goodness in your own home too, with a frozen pack of cheese balls being sold at £5 for 15 frozen balls.

It’s not the end of the world if you can’t make it down to Old Street on Halloween either, as it will remain there until November 26, open every day from 7.30am to 7PM.