Eats & Beats: A Pre-Gig Snack With Nova Twins

Nova Twins – singer-guitarist Amy Love and bassist Georgia South – are often aligned with south London’s grime scene, but their rock-tinged music defies categorisation. “You know, people are so genre-specific and they want to pigeonhole everything,” South said as the duo joined NME for a pre-gig snack at the launch of Boxpark Croydon last month. “But we don’t want just one type of fan base. We just want a mix where anyone and anything goes.”

“We did a gig at Afropunk Festival not too long ago and it was the most diverse crowd we’ve ever seen and it was amazing,” Love added enthusiastically.

The duo have to be careful about the food they order before they go on-stage – Love is a longtime pescetarian who can’t have dairy – but once they’re out there playing, anything goes. Asked what they want Nova Twins to stand for, South replied: “Diversity and thinking out of the box. Just for people to be able to do and feel what they like without feeling any pressure or judgement. That might sound slightly cheesy but it’s just true.”

Just half an hour after finishing their snack at Bukowski at Boxpark Croydon, the duo took to the stage and smashed it in front of exactly the kind of anything-goes crowd they like.