KFC have created a bath bomb that smells like fried chicken

Your bod will be feeling finger lickin' good

KFC have released a bath bomb that smells like their finger lickin’ good fried chicken.

The fast food giants teamed up with Japanese Company Village Vanguard to create their very own KFC bath bomb.

The bath bomb comes shaped like a chicken drumstick, with the official name of ‘Chicken smell bathing powder’.


Unfortunately, you can’t purchase one. Instead, KFC are choosing 100 people by lottery each day between 1 November to 15 November. You’ll also need to live in Japan.

To enter, you have to retweet the tweet below.

Village Vanguard also created the ‘soup baths’ – essentially, powders that turn your bath into a giant bowl of soup. They’re not designed for eating though, just bathing use.

Last month, the 11 Twitter accounts followed by KFC were revealed, causing a frenzy among fans.

The limited number of accounts is shown to be an homage to the restaurant chain’s famous “eleven herbs and spices” chicken recipe.


In a stroke of marketing genius, the eleven accounts were revealed as the five former Spice Girls, and six men named Herb

KFC are no strangers to a good marketing gimmick. Last December, the chain released a limited edition run of Kentucky fried chicken scented candles, alongside a line of edible nail polish and scented suntan lotion.