Brian May

Queen’s Brian May says use of AI in music is “massively scary”

“It makes me feel apprehensive, and I'm preparing to feel sad about this”

Queen’s Brian May says Freddie Mercury auction is “too sad” to think about

Over 1,400 of the late frontman's personal possessions were sold off earlier this week

Queen’s Brian May calls England’s badger cull a “blood bath” as he shares update on new documentary

He also praised Wales for searching for a more humane solution to Bovine TB

Queen’s Brian May regrets never working with John Lennon

"The Beatles didn’t always agree, they were always pulling and pushing – a bit like us and Queen"

Brian May says John Deacon is still “very much part of Queen”

"We have to respect the fact that John needs his privacy now – but he’s still part of the machinery of the band"

Brian May says it’s “not impossible” that Queen discuss playing Glastonbury

May then countered the claim by re-stating his opposition to Michael Eavis' support of badger culling

Queen’s Brian May knighted by King Charles at Buckingham Palace

He was included in the 2023 New Year's Honours list alongside the Lionesses and more

Brian May says Queen used to get “irritated” when audiences sang along to songs

He said at first, they just wanted audiences "to listen" to their songs

Jeremy Clarkson speaks out against Brian May’s defence of “bastard” badgers

"Do not be fooled by Brian May. This is what badgers do"