Crystal Castles

Alice Glass: “I’m the most consistent songwriter on Crystal Castles songs”

'PREY//IV' is a deliberate reference to the album numbering scheme that Crystal Castles used

Alice Glass: “SOPHIE was one of those people who was talented at everything”

Glass said it was actually SOPHIE who suggested she put out her latest single, 'Fair Game'

Listen to Alice Glass’ brutal new solo single ‘Love Is Violence’

Set to appear on the former Crystal Castles singer's debut album, the track tackles "the most cruel and disgusting manipulative tactics in human experience"

Alice Glass shares dark video for new track ‘Fair Game’

The song will appear on her upcoming debut album ‘PREY//IV’

Alice Glass says she is being “gutted” over Crystal Castles royalty payments

"even though it was my life’s work, I DO NOT endorse crystal castles and neither should you"