Dave Mustaine

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine is moving to Italy

“What I said about me moving over here is true, and I’m really excited to live in Italy when we do"

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine wants to write music with Metallica’s James Hetfield again

"I think it’d be good for Megadeth, and it could be great for Metallica too"

Dave Mustaine’s oncologist reveals he co-wrote Megadeth song ‘Dogs Of Chernobyl’

The oncologist also treated the Megadeth frontman's cancer in 2019

David Ellefson speaks about being fired from Megadeth: “You find out who your friends are”

He was sacked after claims emerged that he had groomed an underage girl online last year

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine says he’ll “forgive” David Ellefson, but “just won’t play music with him anymore”

Megadeth parted ways with Ellefson last year after allegations of grooming emerged against the bassist, who denied the accusations

Megadeth share brutal first single from new album ‘The Sick, The Dying…And The Dead’

‘We’ll Be Back’ comes alongside a short film chronicling the origins of Megadeth’s mascot, Vic Rattlehead

Lamb of God team up with Megadeth for ‘Wake Up Dead’ cover ahead of co-headline tour

"Turn it up, and we’ll see you on the road!"

Dave Mustaine teases new Megadeth song ‘Life In Hell’

The band are set to release their 16th album, ‘The Sick, The Dying And The Dead’, sometime in 2022