Ely Buendia

Ely Buendia visited Leni Robredo in her office, bearing an Eraserheads album as a gift

A few months after Buendia jokingly said he might reunite the band if Robredo were to run for the Philippine presidency

Ely Buendia says Eraserheads reunion tweet was a “half serious joke”

People turned his tweet about a Eraserheads reunion and Leni Robredo "into a big deal", the former frontman said

Eraserheads fans express fresh hopes for band reunion after Leni Robredo presidency bid

Last month, former frontman Ely Buendia told a fan asking about an Eheads reunion that it was possible "if Leni runs"

Ely Buendia says Eraserheads reunion possible “if Leni runs” for Philippines national elections

The president of the Liberal Party later joked that if an Eheads reunion was on the cards, Robredo might actually file her candidacy as promptly as possible

Ely Buendia to play virtual concert ‘Superproxies’ with Nobody’s Home

“'There’s no substitute for the real', but for now we do what we can to keep the music and our souls alive”

Ely Buendia reacts to fan outrage about “the truth” that Eraserheads members “were never close” friends

"The music is all that matters, have you forgotten about that, and who wrote most of it?"

Ely Buendia calls out “abuses of power and bad governance” on new song ‘Metro’ for We Need A Leader 2022 campaign

The former Eraserhead contributed the song to a voter awareness campaign for the Philippines' 2022 presidential elections

Ely Buendia dispels urban myth about Eraserheads song ‘Spoliarium’: “The actual meaning is really mundane”

After yearslong speculation the song was about the alleged rape of Pepsi Paloma