Ely Buendia

Filipino indie band Sansette recruit Ely Buendia for new single ‘C U’

'C U' is the second single Sansette have released this year

Eraserheads reunion: Ely Buendia, Raymund Marasigan address Marcus Adoro’s resurfaced abuse allegations

Buendia said that he agreed to the reunion on the condition that Adoro “resolve his issues”, which Adoro’s management are said to have “promised” to do. However, both Adoro’s daughter Syd Hartha and ex-partner Barbara Ruaro, who accused him of abuse, tell NME that they have not received any attempts at reconciliation or apology

Eraserheads announce reunion concert this December

The Filipino rock legends’ reunion show will take place at the SMDC Festival Grounds

The Philippines’ Salo-Salo festival announces lineup featuring Johnny Stimson, Zild and more

Salo-Salo Festival is being billed as the Philippines' first theme park music festival

Ely Buendia releases new version of ‘Metro’ in support of Leni Robredo’s presidential bid

Buendia had performed Eraserheads songs at a Robredo campaign rally in February

Ely Buendia visited Leni Robredo in her office, bearing an Eraserheads album as a gift

A few months after Buendia jokingly said he might reunite the band if Robredo were to run for the Philippine presidency

Ely Buendia says Eraserheads reunion tweet was a “half serious joke”

People turned his tweet about a Eraserheads reunion and Leni Robredo "into a big deal", the former frontman said

Eraserheads fans express fresh hopes for band reunion after Leni Robredo presidency bid

Last month, former frontman Ely Buendia told a fan asking about an Eheads reunion that it was possible "if Leni runs"

Ely Buendia says Eraserheads reunion possible “if Leni runs” for Philippines national elections

The president of the Liberal Party later joked that if an Eheads reunion was on the cards, Robredo might actually file her candidacy as promptly as possible