Ian Curtis

Lol Tolhurst on his new book, ‘Goth’: “Bowie’s ‘Low’ was a template for Robert Smith and I”

The former drummer for The Cure tells us how the band were really a goth band all along, and how artists like David Bowie, Joy Division and Nine Inch Nails shaped the scene

Ian Curtis Manchester mural recreated at new site in time for World Suicide Prevention Day

It comes after the original was covered up to promote rapper Aitch’s debut album

Ian Curtis mural to return to Manchester after being painted over for Aitch album ad last year

Aitch had promised to quickly address the situation upon learning of its removal ahead of his debut album release

Christian Bale wants to play Shaun Ryder in a Happy Mondays biopic

He may have missed his chance though

Peter Hook wants Ian Curtis statue after Aitch advertising row

"That mural did stand for a lot"

Aitch addresses mural of Joy Division’s Ian Curtis being painted over for album ad: “Getting fixed as we speak”

"This is the first time I've heard of this," the rapper wrote. "No way on earth would I want to disrespect a local hero like Ian"