Idris Elba

John Boyega responds to Idris Elba no longer calling himself a Black actor

"I think we should fixate on who is putting actors in boxes," Boyega said

Idris Elba confirms release date for ‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’ movie

'Luther: The Fallen Sun' will get an official theatrical release

Idris Elba thinks he could be replaced in ‘Luther’

The actor hinted 'Luther' has a big future

First look at ‘Luther’ film shows Idris Elba in new setting

DCI John Luther is set to "break out of the gritty streets of London"

Idris Elba says ‘Luther’ film is finished

The star also teases the huge "scale" of the film

Idris Elba on how he “hustled” his way onto Jay-Z’s ‘American Gangster’ by writing a poem

"Both those artists don’t know I’m on those albums," he said of Jay-Z and Paul McCartney

Idris Elba set to star in new thriller series ‘Hijack’

The Apple TV+ show sees the actor go into hero mode as a hijacked plane makes its way to London

Idris Elba says he is “one hundred per cent” a gamer

"I had a Sega Genesis and I’ve pretty much had every single console since then"