Julian Lennon

Julian Lennon explains his “love-hate” relationship with The Beatles’ ‘Hey Jude’

"I'm thankful for the song without question"

Julian Lennon says “weird” John Lennon scene ruined ‘Yesterday’ for him

"It kind of threw the whole film off"

Julian Lennon says ‘Hey Jude’ is a “dark reminder” of his dad John leaving their family

Paul McCartney wrote the song about John Lennon's break-up with Cynthia Lennon, leaving Julian alone with his mother

Julian Lennon was “shocked” by Paul McCartney’s virtual John Lennon duet

But he said he grew to "actually enjoy" the spectacle by the time the duet was performed at Glastonbury

Julian Lennon releases official cover of father’s ‘Imagine’ for Ukraine relief

Proceeds from Julian's rendition will benefit Ukraine aid

Julian Lennon performs father’s ‘Imagine’ for first time to raise money for Ukraine

“As a human, and as an artist, I felt compelled to respond in the most significant way I could"

John Lennon and The Beatles memorabilia to be sold as NFTs

Julian Lennon, the late artist's eldest son, is behind this new sale

John Lennon’s son Julian says new Beatles documentary “made me love my father again”

"It has made me so proud, inspired & feel more love for my/our family, than ever before"

Julian Lennon receives UNESCO Peace Award

The honour was awarded to Lennon on the International Day of Peace