Lars Ulrich

Slayer’s Dave Lombardo defends Metallica’s Lars Ulrich: “I admonish the people who talk shit about him”

“Lars is an essential part of that band – anybody else and it just won’t sound the same”

Lars Ulrich explains why he had to stop fans stealing cushions at Metallica shows

The Metallica drummer recently spoke about a time when had to stop a performance at LA Coliseum after fans started throwing folding chairs on stage.

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich writes foreword for new edition of Hunter S Thompson’s ‘Screwjack’

The drummer calls Thompson's books a "treasure" and a "mindfuck"

Jacoby Shaddix says Papa Roach, KoRn and Deftones are “the next Metallicas”

"We're stepping into that spot now"

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The thrash icons will play two completely different sets at this year’s festival

Metallica on Bob Dylan’s revelation that he’s seen them live twice

"Bob, you’re welcome at any Metallica show any time"

Lars Ulrich admits he reads online comments about Metallica

"If you decide to go down into the comment have to prepare yourself for not taking any of it overly personally"

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich blames “ignorance” for reaction to ‘Lulu’, says it has “aged well”

“What the fuck is it about ‘Lulu’ that it got that kind of reaction?”

Mike Shinoda on Linkin Park being the first band to prank Metallica

"We were like, 'What would be the least tough, least dark thing to do?'"

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich says he wasn’t “qualified” to play with Rush at Taylor Hawkins tribute concert

Playing with Brian Johnson of AC/DC, though, was “so much fucking fun”