Matter Mos

Matter Mos features on 16-year-old rapper’s new single ‘Feelings’, praises his “raw talent”

"The kid got raw talent, curious to see where you’ll be years from now, rev," Matter Mos wrote.

Hear the debut EP of Gold Plate Pipers, a new Jakarta jazz hop group and Matter Mos side project

The four-piece aim to "create the sound that reflects Jakarta's subterranean jazz-influenced hip-hop"

Matter Mos: Jakarta rapper on the “spiritual journey” he embarked on for debut album ‘Pronoia’

After years of dropping loosies and features, Matter Mos presents his first full-length album, whose creation he likens to a “bizarre mixture of Warhol and Pollock”

Hullera joins forces with AE$OP CA$H, Matter Mos and Tuantigabelas on new song ‘Siapa Lagi’

"I feel proud to have a song that represents Nusantara, it's one of the things that bring us together"