These classic 1994 albums all turn 30 this year

1994 has an argument to be one of the greatest years in music history: Oasis, Blur, Nas, Hole, Beastie Boys and more all dominated

Soccer Mommy covers Taylor Swift and announces ‘Karaoke Night’ EP

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Original Pavement drummer Gary Young has died, aged 70

Stephen Malkmus and Pavement have paid tribute to their former drummer

There’s a Pavement joke in the new ‘Barbie’ movie

“We are aware of the Barbie Movie rumors and are awaiting guidance from legal but as a rule we are pro Greta"

‘Slanted! Enchanted!’ musical director is working on a Pavement movie

The musical – which opened in New York earlier this month – is part of a larger film project from director Alex Ross Perry

Pavement announce new musical ‘Slanted! Enchanted!’, premiering next month

The show will bring "the majesty and mystery of Pavement" to the stage in New York

“It’d be total cringe if we did that” – is Pavement’s Stephen Malkmus right about reunion albums?

Pavement may be back on the road, but they're not keen on a return to the studio - our columnist believes they should reconsider

Pavement say it would be “total cringe” if they recorded new music

"If any band wants to make a new album, that’s totally rad. But, yeah, not happening"

Pavement on ‘Harness Your Hopes’ going viral: “It breathed new life into the band”

“We’re back like we never left!” jokes Pavement frontman Stephen Malkmus halfway through the band’s first night playing live music in London in over...

Pavement perform ‘Angel Carver Blues/Mellow Jazz Docent’ for the first time in 26 years

The live rendition came as part of Pavement's current US headline tour