Van Halen

Watch Wolfgang Van Halen play solo song ‘Distance’ in tribute to dad Eddie

The performance saw Van Halen play in front of a series of home videos

Steven Wilson says he was “unaffected” by Eddie Van Halen’s death

Wilson also said that Van Halen's shredding style of guitar playing is "something so vile to me"

Michael Anthony says he never got to reconcile with Eddie Van Halen

The former bandmates had reportedly not been on good terms for over a decade

Queen’s Brian May recalls working with Eddie Van Halen on sci-fi EP

The pair's 'Star Fleet Project' EP was released in 1983

Wolfgang Van Halen says Van Halen will never return without his father

"I can confidently say I will NEVER replace my father in Van Halen and tour around the world disrespecting my father’s memory."

Eddie Van Halen’s cause of death has been confirmed

The rock icon died in October at the age of 65

Wolfgang Van Halen asks fans to “not hold their breath” for archive releases

"I think when a very important musician passes, you usually see right away the compilations of unreleased music that maybe should have stayed unreleased"

David Lee Roth takes aim at Sammy Hagar in ‘Daily Catastrophe’ cartoon

Roth appeared to criticise Hagar's comments that he's willing to "get sick and die" to resume touring