Voice of Baceprot

Voice of Baceprot, Burgerkill and more announced for JogjaROCKarta Festival this September

Seringai, DeadSquad, Death Vomit and more will also perform

Listen to Voice Of Baceprot’s empowering new single, ‘(Not) Public Property’

The band take a stand against the violation of women’s rights on the heavy new track

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The Indonesian metal trio recently wrapped up a tour of Europe

Voice of Baceprot to air new material at free virtual concert

Fresh off their European tour, Voice of Baceprot will perform live with Barry Likumahuwa and Rey Marshall

Voice Of Baceprot call out interviewers’ preoccupation with their hijabs: “They focus only on our appearance”

“We actually came here not only to make our dreams come true, but also to show you that hijab is a sign of peace, love and beauty,” vocalist Firdda’ Marsya’ Kurnia declared onstage at a recent show in Europe

Voice Of Baceprot forced to cancel two Europe tour dates due to COVID-19 restrictions

The band are still planning to continue the tour as planned

Baybeats unveils 2021 lineup of hybrid performances and 20th anniversary celebration plans

On the massive line-up are Sobs, Voice Of Baceprot, Caracal, KEYANA, BGourd, Urbandub and many more

Voice of Baceprot rock out in new music video for ‘God, Allow Me (Please) To Play Music’

The Indonesian metal trio deliver an urgent message of equality in the video

Voice of Baceprot release second original single, ‘God, Allow Me (Please) to Play Music’

The Indonesian metal group fire back at detractors: “I'm not the criminal / I'm not the enemy / I just wanna sing a song to show my soul”

Watch Voice Of Baceprot’s cover of Slipknot’s ‘Before I Forget’

Slipknot inspired the Indonesian trio to place “musicality above all else”, they wrote