Andy Brown

Senior PlayStation executive fired after paedophilia allegations

A video appears to show Cacioppo caught in a sting operation by an internet paedophile-catching group

Watch Henry Cavill explain ‘Warhammer’ to a confused Graham Norton

After Henry Cavill explains what 'Warhammer' is about, Tom Holland asks if he can play it with him

Valkyrae wishes “creepy” viewers would stop sexualising her

"I wish they weren't like that. I just want them to stop so that I can do these things again"

Charity bundle offers 60+ games for £5 to help tackle climate change

The World Land Trust Bundle has already raised £16,987 for charity

‘Dragon Age 4’ will be “single-player focused” says BioWare

The studio also said that more 'Dragon Age 4' info is coming in 2022

‘Final Fantasy 14’ announces compensation for lengthy Endwalker queues

Players will be given free game time to apologise for "congestion" caused by the launch of Endwalker

‘Final Fantasy 14’ smashes its player count record with Endwalker launch

All those people are probably ahead of you in the queue

‘Escape From Tarkov’ wipe could be coming soon, teases devs

Battlestate Games says players "already know" when the next patch is coming

‘Halo Infinite’ dev says a “vanilla Slayer” playlist is being “re-evaluated”

The dev also addressed complaints surrounding the shooter's controversial monetisation