Andy Brown

CohhCarnage launches Tripwire games boycott amidst anti-abortion controversy

"I'll be stepping away from these games and won't support that company"

‘League Of Legends” CaptainFlowers turns down Worlds 2021 to focus on mental health

"I truly believe that if I do Worlds this year it will leave me in a really bad place"

Investigating the hacking arms race at the heart of ‘Escape From Tarkov’

Content creators and cheaters share insight on the for-profit cheating at the heart of 'Escape From Tarkov'

‘Deathloop’ PC codes will launch on Steam, not Bethesda’s own launcher

The decision was seemingly made weeks before launch

‘GTA: Underground’ mod closes down over “imminent danger” to finance and mental health

The team was dealing with "increasing hostility towards the modding community"

‘Horizon Forbidden West’ will once again offer free PS4 to PS5 upgrades

Sony reverses course on a previous announcement