Andy Brown

‘Sea Of Thieves’ developers talk the swashbuckling “magic” of Captaincy

"We always look at features that are way beyond the core functionality: how can we make someone laugh? How can we make these little stories between players?"

‘Hard West 2’ developers on making a spooky Western with extra spaghetti

New mechanics and a splash of Tarantino have allowed Ice Code Games to create a sequel to a game it didn't make

‘World Of Warcraft’ mobile spin-off reportedly cancelled over internal dispute

The game was in development for three years before getting cancelled

‘MultiVersus’ delays Season 1 and Morty launch to a “later date”

The developer's co-founder has noted that 'MultiVersus' remains "unaffected" by Warner's merger with Discovery

Activision Blizzard accused of making “futile” effort to disband Albany union

"Activision has made the clear and conscious decision to deny us our basic labour rights"

‘Dead By Daylight’ dating sim ‘Hooked On You’ gets surprise Steam launch

'Hooked On You' was created because 'Dead By Daylight' fans have a "deep thirst" for murderers

‘Dead By Daylight’ introduces Albert Wesker with ‘Resident Evil’ “sequel”

Project W will introduce three characters from 'Resident Evil' and rework the Raccoon City Police Department map

‘Meet Your Maker’ is a gory dungeon raider where every level is player-made

'Meet Your Maker' is being developed by Behaviour Interactive - the maker of 'Dead By Daylight'

Sony says buying a PS5 for Christmas is going to be easier this year

Sony says a "significant improvement" to supply means more PS5s will hit shelves this year

‘Dying Light 2’ teases Chapter 2 details and outlines future update goals

Techland plans to release a new Chapter "every three to four months"