Aldus Santos

Armi Millare on her departure from UDD: “It was the thing I loved most”

“I wouldn’t call it so much a burnout; it felt more like a heartbreak,” the singer tells NME in an exit interview the day her split from the band became public

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The celebrated Filipino nine-piece talk the domestic yet expansive creation of ‘Pebble House, Vol. 1: Kuwaderno’, which features collaborators KZ Tandingan, SB19, Zild and more

Alessandra de Rossi on making ‘My Amanda’: “Another director would insist on a straight romantic portrayal, and I didn’t want that”

On her directorial debut, de Rossi teams up with on-screen hero Piolo Pascual to prove that not all love stories have to have romance

The Buildings: “At the end of the day we’re making music we like, which has always been our north star”

For their sophomore effort ‘Heaven Is A Long Exhale’, the Filipino indie rockers embraced the concept of album as studio artefact – to refreshing results

Filmmaker Khavn de la Cruz on his always-unpredictable output: “Let life be your co-director”

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On ‘Huminga’, Zild Benitez reintroduces himself: “Now all I have is storytelling and my own memories”

Zild’s solo debut was a deliberately synthetic reaction to his band IV Of Spades. His second album ‘Huminga’ is more him, he says – a document of a growing songwriter

Alessandra de Rossi on her musical debut, ‘Adrift’: “I wasn’t giving myself enough credit”

The actress talks finding a safe harbour in her ambient album, which has been reissued nine years after release

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Guitarists Lourd De Veyra and Kaloy Olavides serve as chief builders on this no-frills project