Ali Shutler

Five things we learned from our In Conversation video chat with Bullet For My Valentine

On Bullet For My Valentine's new, self-titled record they wanted to do three things. “We wanted shock, awe and to show off,” frontman Matt...

Kirby has been nominated for a Grammy Award

No word yet from Sonic about the snub

‘Dota 2’’s next battle pass is coming “in the next few weeks”

“We've got a special conundrum cooking and we can't wait to share it”

‘New World’ devs want to improve the game for solo players

“Our goal is to keep responding to what players ask for"

‘Old School Runescape’ launches Android beta and adds solid gold sink

The item for your Player-Owned Home will set you back 100million

‘Valheim’ developers are “excited” for the Steam Deck

Iron Gate have had no issues porting 'Valheim' to the new handheld

Mike Shinoda teases new “generative mixtape” ‘ZIGGURATS’

It's been described as "a song that's not a song, an NFT that's not an NFT"