Alan Wen

You can play Sega Master System games in ‘Lost Judgment’

More Sega retro classics? No objections.

‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ will have more new content to come, confirms Bowser

33million people have already made their own deserted island getaway

‘Rivals of Aether’ creator Dan Fornace is done with making fighting games for newcomers

"I’ve accepted the fact that no matter how “easy” you make your game, pros will absolutely demolish new players."

‘Norco’ wins Tribeca Games Award at inaugural festival

A demo of the South Louisiana-set gothic adventure game can be downloaded from Steam

‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ and ‘Alan Wake Remastered’ leaked on Epic Games Store

Remedy are reportedly developing an 'Alan Wake' sequel to be published by Epic

George RR Martin says his work on ‘Elden Ring’ was done “years ago”

"I'll be as excited as anybody else to see it!"

Windows 11 leaks as Windows 10 is set for the scrapheap

Support for Windows 10 set to end in 2025

‘Breath Of The Wild 2’ official title being kept secret to avoid spoilers

Could it be 'Breath Of The Sky' or 'Breath Of The Wind'?

Laugh all you want, but ‘Stranger Of Paradise – Final Fantasy Origin’ is actually pretty good

He wants to kill Chaos - and so will you after playing Team Ninja's interesting 'Dark Souls' meets 'Devil May Cry' mash-up.